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Cosmetology Crossover Program

Cosmetology Crossover Program Currently licensed Cosmetologists from the Arkansas State Board of Cosmetology may transfer up to 900 certified clock hours to a licensed barber school/college and complete the remaining hours needed for a total of 1,500 clock hours. The barber school/college may then certify the students 1,500 hours of training. The student is then eligible to submit an application and take the State Board Exam. The following barber curriculum must be followed:


• History of Barbering: Barbering and Hairstyling is one of the oldest professions in the world. With the advance of civilization, barbering developed into an important and necessary profession. The study of this program is necessary in order to understand the high privilege it is for Barbers to serve the public today………..10 Hours


• Implements and Tools: Implements and Tools shall include the nature of electrical current, principles of operating electrical devices, and the various safety precautions...…..50 Hours


• Shaving: Students learn the fundamentals of shaving; positions, strokes and movements and the application of these fundamentals are practiced on patrons, (includes use of strop, application of facial creams, lotions, astringents, towels)…….70 Hours


• Haircutting: Shall include the use of the razor, scissors, electric clippers, and thinning shears for wet and dry cutting to include neck and side taper…..425 Hours


• Arkansas Barber Laws: A good understanding of the laws governing our profession is a necessary part of the training of the barber…………15 Hours


• Hygiene and Sanitation: Shall include procedures to protect the health and safety of the consumer as well as the technician…………………………….30 Hours

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